Can’t we stop? It’s ludicrous!
A dialog with oneself

On the meaninglessness of critic reviews

[ 1 min read ]

Do you really think I care about the review? Like really?

You can say whatever you want in your review.

Maybe someone paid you to say something?
Maybe your role is to protect / promote someone else’s art?
Maybe you erroneously assumed that your understanding of it is paramount.
Maybe you’re simply biased — you think you know what is and isn’t art (or good art) and you naively believe that that’s what it really is (that you nailed it with your definition)? 
Maybe in the past you said certain things about art and now you want to be consistent and it makes the whole review worthless because it is just your attempt at making sure that what you once said and what you’re saying now will harmonize?

How the hell should I know? I’ll never know such things. And I should care about your review? Are you out of your mind?