Patterns of behavior regarding birth & death (food for thought, not the truth)


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In the next decades more and more people will need people who will be able to guide them towards a more conscious life. Real thinkers, philosophers, people who practice mindfulness, psychologists, not scammers who want to sell people some bullshit ‘get rich quickly’, or ‘do nothing and make a shitload of money nonetheless in your pyjamas or lying naked with a man or woman of your dreams on a dream island and sipping colourful drinks’ schemes.

Someone who will be able to free them from the current predicament. The world is becoming (or for many already has become) unbearable. People are starting to realize that things no longer work the way they used to. And the most widespread advice they get from the adults in their lives (basically the same advice those adults themselves once received) sets them up for a life they abhor and they can’t get out of it. I mean they could, by killing themselves.

And neither the advice they took (the most widespread advice which is by now obsolete), nor the wisdom of the old, nor the clichés about life, world and people, nor the knowledge they gained in schools will help. Those things, even in combination, won’t help them.

Why has it become (is it becoming) unbearable?

Too much has changed in the last 20 years and the pace of change is insane already for the majority of people and it seems that it is getting only faster and faster. People can’t find themselves in this new environment.

Am I thus creating a perfect career for myself? I guess so.

Certain people in my close circle can’t see it. I don’t blame them. But the fact that they can’t see it doesn’t mean that my prediction can’t be right. Just as it doesn’t mean that the model of living to which they subscribed and which they so guard (because they want to stay in their comfort zone — they don’t want things to change dramatically) will not be almost entirely obsolete within the next decade.

I skate to where the puck will be because I believe it is unreasonable to skate to where it is now, or rather to where it was, because in my opinion the majority of people stubbornly continue to skate to where the puck was (not even where it is right now) because they don’t want the world to change dramatically and they don’t want to accept the changes that already happened. They only want it to change to the degree which will be comfortable for them, but their desire to keep the status quo and their hope that it’s possible to do that is not enough. The world doesn’t care what their desire or hope is — it never did and never will.

And the number of people who are lost and seek advice online daily, and the fact that already many people wrote me to thank me for what I did for them by writing and publishing an article or an answer or sharing some thought I just had, seem to confirm it. It tells me that what I do is and will be important and valued by people (many of them), that it has a huge potential. It’s way better than anything I ever did — for me and others.