I admit, I screwed up (On friendship and love) | 800


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Maybe we simply are wired to attack and ridicule people’s views, opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc.
Because it’s ingrained in us.
Because that’s how progress is made.
I think progress would be impossible without it.
And maybe we’re bound to make progress.
Maybe progress doesn’t mean everything gets better and better?
I think we erroneously concluded that from all its possible meanings progress, as in ‘human progress’ must mean improvement.
I don’t think it’s necessarily true.
There are always things which we fail to factor in and hence there is always this possibility that something we called progress or advancement (or even, prematurely and erroneously!, improvement), in other words something which should improve the quality of our lives or ensure our or our children’s survival will lead to a disaster. 
Maybe it is only a progression from one thing to another. Forward movement. If I move forward does it mean my situation will automatically improve? Hardly.
Maybe we expect too much from progress (and from ourselves). Maybe we misunderstand it.