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Nobody told us that there is thing called democracy and that it’s the best.
Nobody told us that there is thing called dictatorship and that it’s the worst.
Nobody told us that there are some other things which are neither the best nor the worst.

I mean, we (human beings) invented all those systems.
When was the last time we invented a new system, let alone tested one?
Why don’t we do it?
Why do we rely only on those handful of systems someone before us came up with?
How many more years / decades / centuries / millennia will we stay in this damn comfort zone?

Testing a new system may be costly and painful (it might not work — everything could go from bad to worse), but it could also go from bad to better).
Using current systems which are far from being flawless is often costly and painful too (but, we hope, at least things will not go from bad to worse — it will not suck more).

We assume nothing better will ever be invented.
It is not true! It’s just our attachment to the things which we already know very well (staying in our comfort zone and thinking that we can’t — this is a consequence of treating some of those inventions and definitions that already are part of this world as sacrosanct and treating those who invented them as the smartest people ever — which they aren’t / weren’t), fear of possibly screwing up (or screwing up big time), and fear of the unknown.

Which means that the only thing we can do is use the flawed creations invented by our ancestors.