How most people understand democracy. The fundamental error of those who invented democracy.
Nevertheless. Have the guts to have your own opinions and share them. The world will not collapse because you did.

The brainwashed ones. On art and life.

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People who want to tell other people what is and what isn’t art are the same people who want to tell people what is and what isn’t life. The brainwashed ones.

I think in general they’re not the type of people who invent some cure or make some significant discovery. As children they had been taught what is true and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t, what is possible and what isn’t. And because they were raised in a culture (most cultures work that way, I guess) where following tradition and taking at face value whatever you were taught in school or by your teachers and other adults, or what you read in books which someone had picked for you (all of which combined constitute current knowledge and wisdom which is supposed to be soaked up, not questioned by pupils and students — the young), culture which puts an undue emphasis on making the adults and the old at ease (mainly by validating their knowledge, wisdom, life philosophy, values, life choices, behavior and ways of doing things — decent people do it, and those who don’t do it are bad, spoiled, disrespectful), they quickly join the ranks of those who know what is true and what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t, what is possible and what isn’t.

Consider the following conversation on art which took place recently on Instagram.

streetartglobe The manipulated female body explored by taiwanese photographer @3cm_lin Swipe & comment your favorite 1 to 10. Link to post.

lemondedastarte Pic 5 is just gross. At so many levels. Not art.

laradiate @lemondedastarte art is also there to gross out. art isn’t just ‘pretty’

jessicamal1 @lemondedastarte it also grossed me out. Call it “art” of you will, but it’s just plain disgusting.

lemondedastarte @laradiate I’m an art historian so I’m aware about that…. art is there to teach something. It has always been. This is not art.

laradiate @lemondedastarte lol art is not there for anything. Who says what art is? This could teach that women have bodily fluids too, so what’s your point?

laradiate @lemondedastarte the definition of art is basically that it was just made by a human through creative and imaginative thinking. Art doesn’t have to teach. Art doesn’t have to be pretty or meaningful. Or gross.

lemondedastarte @laradiate I don’t want or need to have a discussion about that. I respect your opinion. Books, professors, museums, personal experience and years of learning taught me otherwise.

laradiate @lemondedastarte yeah it’s fine, everybody can have a different opinion about what art is.

laradiate @lemondedastarte but like, what is the mona lisa teaching you? Considering it’s one of the most famous pieces of ‘art’

tony.2nd.player @laradiate Just to answer your question: the mona lisa displays expert levels of two techniques; “sfumato” and “chiaroscuro”. I learn from it in this way. No doubt, Da Vinci was a master artist.

lemondedastarte @tony.2nd.player yes!! And much more !! Perspective, proportions, golden number, habits of his times… there are thousands of studies about this painting and there is still a lot to learn from it. I don’t know how to answer with a few words. Or maybe: open a book. Avoid Da Vinci code.

tony.2nd.player @lemondedastarte Oh for sure. The renaissance was an amazing period in history. But if I may, I feel the original topic of this thread deals more with Art Appreciation as it relates to the spectrums that we as humans find ourselves on. We are very unique with backgrounds, fortes, preferences, etc. The piece in question can be perceived in so many ways. Appreciation is an important “fuzzy” quality that should be left out of debates, because of its dependency on individual experiences. The artist knows what she meant in that piece, whether or not half of humanity likens it to shitting in a box and calling it art. So, IMO, you definitely aren’t wrong, but really, nobody is.

lemondedastarte @tony.2nd.player I like your point of view and would love to talk about art with u. You obviously know what you are talking about AND are open-minded. It’s a pleasure to read you.

enrique._.joaquin @lemondedastarte none of this junk is art

enrique._.joaquin @tony.2nd.player modern art isn’t even art anymore

tony.2nd.player @enrique._.joaquin Skateboarding is poetry. Skateparks are sculptures.

lemondedastarte @enrique._.joaquin since photography has been invented art doesn’t need to be realistic or show the world as it is. It has become conceptual, and that’s fine. But it has also become commercial (obviously misunderstanding of Andy Warhol’s message) and an excuse for provocation exhibitionism and perversions (see Milo Moiré). It doesn’t make sense anymore… and many so-called “artists” can’t even draw… they become rich and famous because a bunch of snob wealthy people decided so. But people like Banksy have all my respect. And tattoo artists. And many others. But this, no.

marcikuhn @lemondedastarte Why do you feel you have the power to dictate what is or what isn‘t art? Don’t generalize your small point of view… it isn’t pretty… nor clever as you might think

lemondedastarte @marcikuhn 🤣 did I say you have to think as I do? If I did so I’m sorry. I really don’t care what you think or believe, you are free. 😉

lukaszlaniecki @lemondedastarte I would say that anything that is capable of causing / triggering such reaction in people (“This is not art”) is 100% art.

lemondedastarte @lukaszlaniecki I agree with your point if view. But here, there’s no trigger at all. Just a huge facepalm caused by seeing the umpteenth skilless, pointless, attention freak. Boring, useless, gross. Rubbish for ignorants who want to feel important talking about art.