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Unnatural conditions?

The path to being a less frustrated human being

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David Bowie didn’t like the show business world. He wanted it to be different and he suffered because of that.

On one hand he loved what he did (at his core he was an artist) and he couldn’t have lived without it (it was his passion).

But one thing would need to change before he could declare himself a happy human being — the entire world of show business (which is a hell of an ask).

The other thing he could have done would be withdraw from the world of show business, but I guess this solution also wasn’t perfect.

Was there a perfect solution? Probably there wasn’t.

Could David Bowie have been a less frustrated human being? I guess so. If he had been able to accept the reality of the world which he couldn’t have changed no matter how hard he tried, if he hadn’t fought against forces beyond his and anybody’s control, if he accepted the flaws (or, I like to call it, the nature) of the human race — they’re flaws to us (they become flaws whenever we are imaging the perfect alternative realities), if he hadn’t expected the human race to be without those “flaws”.

Besides, why should the show business world be the way David Bowie (of all people in the world) would like it to be? What about other people’s preferences? Isn’t it entitlement?