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You’re a bigger dreamer than I am

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So you have a dream?

A dream of world peace.
A dream of world prosperity.
A dream of world love.
A dream of world kindness.

A dream of ideal human being (in line with the ideal set forth by your religion).
A dream of sustainability.
A dream of progress.
A dream of better tomorrow.
A dream of future for your children.
A dream of flawless politicians (who never misuse power).
A dream of flawless priests / entire religious movements (organized religions).
A dream of flawlessness of democracy (or political systems in general).
A dream of flawless society.
A dream of healthy competition instead of fierce rivalry.
A dream of truthful and unbiased media.
A dream of pure and fair business.
A dream of unspoiled showbusiness.
A dream of flawless education.
A dream of flawless systems.
A dream of 100% working ideas (or, to put it differently, of zero fuckups).
A dream of loving, compassionate and like-minded people within families.
A dream of 100% fantastic relationships with other people.
A dream of easy life.
A dream of life free from pain, suffering, struggle, problems, diseases, conflicts, hostilities.

My take, your dream is pure utopia.

But I can’t tell you it’s impossible. Nobody should tell others their dreams aren’t possible. So if that’s what you’re waiting for, fine. Wait for it if you think it’s possible.

I won’t. I have other dreams. Smaller ones. Ones that concern my career and my life. Ones you labelled unrealistic. But, it doesn’t matter what you labelled them. It really doesn’t.

My take you’re a bigger dreamer than I am.