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In your 50s and realized you screwed up your life?

Nobody besides us will cry about it.

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If our extinction would help our planet would we want to help our planet?
Would we agree to go extinct for the “betterment” of our planet?
Would we make the ultimate sacrifice for our planet?

I don’t think we can help our planet. We can only help ourselves (our species). And that’s what we’re doing all the time (trying to do). We’re striving to A/ save our habitat from becoming “hostile” beyond a threshold of what we as species can adapt to (from becoming human unfriendly), and B/ our species from vanishing from the face of the earth and from the entire universe.

And I don’t think this thing we called planet Earth (or “our planet”) needs our help and sacrifice.

It just doesn’t give a damn. A world (or rather this thing we called “world”) without this thing we called “planet Earth” is totally possible (some say even unavoidable) and nobody besides us would cry about it.