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On conditional love

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Don’t we all know for a fact that all parents love their children unconditionally?
Haven’t we all been conditioned to believe only that? To immediately reject other possibilities? To never even dare to question this “truth”? To never even bother raising the question? To assume some things simply are true.

Loving someone unconditionally, what does it even mean?

How many of us really pondered it? I guess not many. It’s the same story as with loving someone. We all know what it means ‘to love’ someone. What can be more obvious? I mean what kind of moron you have to be if you need an explanation to this?

It’s the hardest thing ever, loving someone unconditionally.

But what the heck does it mean to love someone conditionally? Does conditional love exist?

For me if it’s conditional it is not love.

It can be attachment, it can be staying in your comfort zone for your own benefit and for the fear of the unknown, it can be worrying that you might lose someone you care about, it can be anything, but it isn’t love.

I think such thing as conditional love doesn’t exist. And in a world where there is unconditional love there must be also conditional love. Otherwise why bother adding the word ‘unconditional’? It would make zero sense.

It’s you either really love someone (but you have to really understand what it means ‘to love’, not rely on some dumb clichés and treating it as obvious as most people do) or you don’t. There is no in-between. I mean does it really qualify as ‘love’ (understood as being for this person and supporting him or her no matter what and never giving up on that person, not as having a great time and feeling good with this person because you’re kindred spirits and you talk in the same language or rather understand each other without words) if certain conditions need to be met before you will be able to say that you love this human being?

What kind of nonsense is that?