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On the lack of flexibility

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I’m fascinated by some people’s inability to be flexible in the face of obvious obstacles.

They will see that the movie theatre is closed because there was a bomb alarm and the place is being checked by the police and other special forces, and it won’t open until tomorrow and those people will go “But that’s not what our plan was! We were supposed to go to the movies today.”

Or their situation changed and currently they no longer have the money they used to have at their disposal monthly (there is a hole in their budget). And they go “How are we going to pay for all those things we always buy monthly?”or “How are we going to pay for our summer holidays?” or “What about skiing in winter? We always go skiing in winter.”

Their inability to be flexible in the face of an obvious obstacle is the source of their great anxiety, will spoil the whole joy of living for them and can easily bring them more troubles.

There are plenty of those people. Those people always bitch about everything, especially when things don’t go according to plan or what they expected.