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Why lamenting about the way the society works makes no sense

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I think lamenting about the way the society works makes no sense. It will never adjust to some ideal of an entitled asshole.

Understanding it and going against it, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. That’s the only way we can avoid being subjected to it.

Society can’t be told what to do. Only people can be told this. It sounds weird but I guess that’s true.

Society will do whatever the heck it pleases. No matter how many verses, books and articles will be written about the way the society should work, or how many laws, rules or regulations people will introduce, it will never adjust. It will always do its thing. And it is quite the opposite of what a regular human being will do.

Or rather, it will do something. I’m not quite sure if the society knows what it is doing. My take, it‘s mainly inertia (sticking to what’s already been done) with a small dose of trial and error thanks to which there is some progress. There is no weighing pros and cons and debating what would be the best way forward.

Sure, such things happen among politicians and on all levels of administration. And among economists, other social scientists and thinkers. But they can only talk and make laws. They can’t control the inner workings of the society. It’s impossible, at least at this point. They would need to be able to control the minds of all people at the same time. It would have to be a homogeneous society, something which consists 100% of people who are and think alike (obviously apart from the physical appearance). Taking into account our diversity it could only happen in a society which members had been manipulated and the result of this manipulation is the same for everyone — i.e. there are no differences among people whatsoever. They all will move into one direction without any sense of dissatisfaction because of their lack of freedom of choice. In other words, the authorities can control people and subjugate them to all sorts of commands and bans (through the use of law), but it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically also control the way the society works.

And smart politicians know this. They do what they need to do in order to persuade the majority of people in the society that they should vote for them. They know that they need to factor in the inner workings of the society and they don’t even try to change it. They know that people have their preferences and that each person belongs to some group of like-minded people, and that in each society there is mainstream and people who aren’t part of it. They know this all. That’s the basic thing they need to know if they want to compete for people’s votes. They know what it takes to make people like or dislike someone and they use it. That’s their #1 tactic.

And when their time is over they apply the same knowledge and try to win in the next election. And so on and so forth.

Why nobody ever succeeded in changing the inner workings of the society after they had won the election so that they will be able to win the next election with ease? Because it’s impossible. Sure, they can intimidate and threaten people or / and subjugate them to more and more draconian laws, or cheat, but none of it will change the inner workings of the society. They might come to power through trickery or terror, but it will not affect the way the society works.

So no matter how much I, or anyone else for that matter, will bitch about it, and want it to work differently, none of it will change the way it works.

People, the kernel of the society, on the other hand, have a very hard time not yielding to pressure. Most will listen to their parents and emulate them (not wanting to upset or disrespect their parents and other ancestors by going against tradition), or do what is expected of them — end up in the mainstream (not wanting to stand out).