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Diary of an artist, Thursday, September 13, 2018

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Woke up 5:00 am (went to bed past midnight after having clocked 13 straight hours of paid work — not my passion). 6:00 am is my next movie set (only two hours and that’s it for today).

About this bike crash. It’s a really interesting case. Some two weeks ago I signed up for a movie set which was to take the whole day and, if I got it right, people also had a chance (or obligation — not sure which one) to sign up for three or four consecutive days. Three, I guess, it was. When I was signing up for it I didn’t know what to expect, or maybe the prospect of making decent money day after day (not fantastic money) dulled my senses? Anyway, after having experienced / tasted again in the beginning of September what it means to shoot big screen movies I decided that I will probably never sign up for a whole day of a big screen movie production. Too many hours, to tiring, no time to write — not good. Unacceptable.

But I already signed up for the next one, and now wanted to get myself out of this business. But how? If, after having signed up, I told them that I’m no longer interested, they (the agency) would probably remember me and not want to work with me in the future.

So I thought that a real injury would be a good (solid) excuse. But I wasn’t injured and feared that, in case I quitted, someone could find out later that I lied.

So I got myself a real injury — I fell off my bike and messed myself up.
I don’t know what kind of forces are around us but it certainly pays to watch out what we wish for.

Another example. Near our house we co-rent a garage. Actually our neighbors rent it and we sub-rent from them 1/2 of the garage. They use their part as a storage for their unused stuff while we keep our car in it.
Recently I had the idea to end the sub-rent and thought that the end of September would be a good moment for that. I did nothing however to actually end the sub-rent. I wanted to speak briefly with our neighbor about it but always had more important things on my plate.
Today our neighbor texted me to say that there was some major rent increase and in the end I said that I will keep my car in this garage until the end of September and then I’ll leave it. We (my wife and I) simply can’t afford this thing right now. We can’t afford it even at previous prices, let alone at the increased ones.
The thing took care of itself.

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Music for this writing session: Gravity (on spotify).