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It just doesn’t matter

I don't believe in experts on life

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I will never ask anybody what I should do with my life.
How the hell should anybody know? 
Has anybody mastered life? Has anybody uncovered a bulletproof idea / method? Or, maybe we’re all just pretending / acting as if we are experts on life.

Maybe we’re all experts on life until something happens that turns our life upside down. Until shit happens. Or something that only looks like shit, but actually is a blessing in disguise. If it happens none of us is an expert on how to live a life anymore. We reconsider and we admit that we don’t know jack shit. We’ve been humbled.

Why would anybody have a better idea than myself? Isn’t it a ridiculous assumption?

Is there anybody with zero fuckups? Is there even one person who is incapable of a fuckup?
Are there people who haven’t got a single flaw? Born perfect and flaw-proof.

Maybe our fuckups are not fuckups and our flaws are not flaws?
Why the assumption that we should be flawless? Flaws exist because we assume that something should be flawless.
Why the assumption that there shouldn’t be fuckups? Fuckups exist because we assume that our success rate should be 100%.

Knowing what we know (or rather knowing that we never know everything and can’t predict everything) aren’t these just absurd expectations?

But we called them flaws and fuckups, it stuck with us, and that’s what we ended up believing. That there are fuckups and flaws.

So what we do, basically, is we assume that something (we) should be flawless and that our success rate should be 100%. Hence we speak about flaws and fuckups.

Our invention again. I bet there are no flaws and fuckups in the animal (non-human) world.
If fuckups are not fuckups (don’t fuckups lead to new discoveries? don’t they help us realize something important?), and flaws are not flaws (aren’t the characteristics we call flaws the other side of the same coin? why the assumption that after we’ve gotten rid of them, the good part would remain in place? if you split a coin it ceases to be a coin), we can be way more relaxed.