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On understanding

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This desire in us to be understood by people (especially our own family) is an absurd thing.
We understand well the things we know well / with which we are familiar.
Hence the things/ decisions/ choices/ behaviors we cannot understand are the ones we don’t know/ the ones we are not familiar with.
Does it mean these are worse things/ decisions/ choices/ behaviors?
Of course not. They’re new to us/ we don’t know anything about them, we don’t know what outcomes we can expect and that’s why they’re not our favorites.
People’s understanding means only that they know what we’re talking about/ doing and they don’t feel the fear (of the unknown).
Which means that people’s inability to understand doesn’t mean we’re crazy / stupid / we’re doing it all wrong, or something. It only means that they do things differently / they don’t know it can be done differently / they are not accustomed to this way of doing things.