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Diary of an artist, Friday, September 7, 2018

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Woke up 3:40 am.

This week there’s been three days when I didn’t publish a post.
At least I wrote answers to questions on Quora and read on those days.

On Sunday I and a bunch of other people who aren’t professional actors appeared on movie set. Most of us were background actors (a.k.a. movie extras) — random people on the streets whose main job is to fill up the frame.

Apart from us there was also a young guy who was a leading actor, a stuntman and two doubles. The stuntman had been redoing a stunt in which he (a young polish soldier/ secret agent during WWII on the streets of London) was hit by a military jeep while crossing a street. As is always the case, they were trying to do it properly and capture this scene from several different angles and on their last attempt the stunt didn’t go well and the stuntman was messed up pretty badly. Before it happened a thought had crossed my mind that maybe I could be a stuntman too. Then I changed my mind as I realized that I wasn’t born under a lucky star (or maybe the star is not lucky enough) and had I been the stuntman on that scene chances are huge this would have been my last stunt ever. Didn’t thought it was worth it.

After several hours of shooting I was tired (but not super tired) and when I was going back home I thought I would sit down and type. Couldn’t do it though. When I got home the tiredness got me. I took a shower, ate something and went to bed. The next day my back ached really bad. I guess the suspenders I was wearing during the shooting caused it. I didn’t realize soon enough they were too short and pinched my shoulders.

Shooting movies is harder than I thought. And I don’t mean just for background actors (movie extras). For everybody. Really tough. Especially if it’s a big screen production. So when you do it for money (like I do), pick the ones (movie sets) where they pay background actors decent money, or choose TV productions (TV productions are significantly less demanding). Commercials are also demanding (I took part in one this week for the very first time in my life), but I guess nothing is as demanding as big screen productions.

The following Quora message from a girl called Tia Deng made my day.
“Hello! I am just sending this message to let you know that you are the first one I followed here and I appreciated what you had wrote, since it really helped me at some level. Thanks”

I know I’m doing the right thing. Not that I thought of quitting. I couldn’t quit even if there were no messages like the one I got today. But it’s good to know (be reminded) that something you can’t quit, won’t quit, helps people.

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Music for this writing session: Chopin (on spotify)