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Unemployed vs. unoccupied

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Lost your job and find it hard to find a new one?

You consulted experts on how to write or rewrite your CV. You’ve prepared your perfect CV, application letter and all that stuff.
Each day you look for job openings. You apply as soon as you’ve seen one.

Basically you’re doing the same things most unemployed people are doing.

Want the upper hand over them? Do something else. Something different. Something unthinkable to most people.

Don’t wait. Take any job. Even a job which is way below your aspirations/ previous title/ which doesn’t correspond with your college diploma. Meaning don’t think that you’re only this one thing.

Work for free. The notion that this move makes no sense because you desperately need money and working for free isn’t an option for someone like you is just ridiculous. Today you go there and you get no paycheck, but suppose you’re good and little by little they’ll realize that actually you’re way better than the person who is always late and basically behaves like she or he doesn’t care. Things can change and things always change. Your initial position within the organization means nothing.

Whereas when you sit on your sofa and wait for this long awaited phone call (Mr. Jones? We have an offer for you.) you’re playing the same game most people play. And you’re in the worst position to negotiate with a potential employer. You basically have no arguments.

Do something, even if no one is paying you for it, or if no one cares, or if no one knows about it. That’s way better than waiting. If you only wait it means you have no initiative. How many employers (or people) need other people who have no initiative? Not many. Robots can easily replace people without initiative. And they’re doing just that.

If you do something (create / make something) every single day you can tell the world (including your potential employer) about it. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a niche and won’t need a regular job at all?