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A giant jigsaw puzzle

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I’m the exception to the rule. And that’s something I like about myself.
I like the fact that I don’t fit the rule.

I prefer to be that one mysterious case for my family and friends. This seemingly unfitting piece of a jigsaw puzzle. This living proof that life can be lived differently.

Maybe the fact that I walk this earth and that I’m OK with who I am and what I do in life, and that I don’t feel that I don’t fit in, will convince at least some of them that we’ve been wrong all along. That it is a mistake to assume that there is only one jigsaw puzzle (world / reality) and we either fit in or not. That this jigsaw puzzle that is so well known to all of us is just one possibility. That there are collateral jigsaw puzzles (worlds / realities). That the one and only giant jigsaw puzzle is a scam. That it exists only in our heads. That being a fitting piece of some giant pre-invented jigsaw puzzle is not what life is about.

It is not what life has to be about. We can choose to be a piece in that jigsaw puzzle, but it’s not mandatory.

Thus the jigsaw puzzle will never be finished. The image will never be finished, because it can’t be finished when there are some people who are left out. When there are some pieces which, although they don’t fit in that major jigsaw puzzle, they fit in alternative, smaller ones.

The empty spots in this major jigsaw puzzle (representing the society) represent those who don’t like to live their lives according to the rules of the majority. They prefer to opt out, even for the price of being called weirdos, black sheep, failures, losers, etc. by some of the people who constitute the vast majority, and who believe (erroneously!) that there is only one way we all should play this game called life.

Or a different take.

Maybe it’s better to think of the society as one giant jigsaw puzzle, but consisting of gazillions of smaller jigsaw puzzles which, at the same time, are pieces of this bigger jigsaw puzzle called ‘society’. The smaller jigsaw puzzles are people and their various life philosophies and behaviors. There is no one world. There are gazillions of worlds / realities which coexist. Maybe assuming that there is one reality / one world is our mistake?