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Fixing the past

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It’s fascinating to me how people don’t realize that the past can’t be fixed by simply swapping certain pieces of this jigsaw puzzle that it is.

They really believe they can guess what would have happened if some event didn’t occur or if instead of one thing another thing happened.

They believe that had Adolf Hitler and his deadly war machine been stopped sooner, we wouldn’t have had WWII. I agree, we wouldn’t have had the WWII which we know of, but how about something in its stead? I think something equally bad was an option and the majority of people fool themselves that had we prevented WWII nothing like it would have happened.

I think the piece I wrote yesterday about Adolf Hitler and WWII will open some people’s eyes. The brave ones. The ones who are not afraid to ask troublesome questions. The ones who won’t be fooled by their (our) wishful thinking.

Can the death of a child, or even worse — the killing of a child / slaughtering him or her in cold blood be a blessing in disguise? Like getting fired from Apple was for Steve Jobs, or losing the court battle I fought against The Ministry of Justice of Poland was for me.

Few people in this world can imagine how the killing of an innocent child can be a blessing. It’s unthinkable. Wrong, despicable. It’s evil.

But what if one evil prevents another from happening? Could WWII and the mass killings that happened during it have been prevented if near the year 1900 someone (some evil person, a psycho) butchered and ate a young boy named Adolf Hitler (an innocent child, someone’s son, someone’s grandson — a boy who was the source of joy for the whole family)?

Now many will see the difference. Now many would gladly read about the horrible crime that happened somewhere in Austria near the end of 19th century (as an alternative to history lessons about WWII and holocaust).

And yet, had this innocent boy named Adolf Hitler been killed and eaten by some psychopath we can’t be 100% sure that something very tragic wouldn’t have happened to humanity in the first half of 20th century.

There is no doubt in my mind that the past can’t be figured out (fixed). That we can’t figure out what would have happened had B happened instead of A. And most people make this fundamental error of assuming that we can figure out what the past would look like had X not happened. They’re wrong. It’s not true.