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On screwups

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Maybe it is impossible not to screw up? I guess it is.

Hence, is a screwup really a screwup? Maybe, if we can’t avoid screwups, calling them screwups is a mistake.

Assuming that you’ll avoid screwups is pure lunacy.

The more you’re convinced that you should be able to go through life without screwups the greater disappointment you’ll experience.

Assume that you’ll screw up and decide that you will always learn from the instances when you screwed up. For there is no greater screwup than learning nothing (not benefiting in any way) from a screwup.

The collateral good of all screwups is a fact.
They can always teach us something.
They can open our eyes / help us notice something that was invisible to us.
They can help us change something in our lives.

This further convinces me that calling them ‘screwups’ isn’t always legitimate.

Of course, there are screwups which lead to disastrous results (fatal screwups) and they are way more difficult to deal with. Some of them are so serious that we won’t be able to return to normalcy.

Normalcy! Again, the question of normalcy. What is normalcy? There will always be this question (at least in my head). Maybe not being able to return to normalcy is a state of normalcy? I mean, why not? It probably is. What is not normal about not being able to return to normalcy after a fatal screwup? Nothing.