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Pure entitlement

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Isn’t it weird that we all are capable of screwing up, and sooner or later we screw up (one way or another), and nonetheless we all want to tell / teach others how they should live their lives? Or, at the very least, we feel this need to comment / air our opinion — judge. Was / Is it normal? Was / Is it necessary? Was / Is it reasonable?

Damn! This realization turns socializing into some kind of a torture. Or, if it already was some kind of a torture to you, it makes it even worse.

I mean, nobody can be certain that he or she won’t screw up. So why the fuck do we think that we can teach others how to do it right?

Also, why the fuck do we care so much? Why can’t our neighbors or members of our families do it or think differently? Why can’t they have their own beliefs? Why can’t they live their lives on their own terms? Even if we consider those terms weird or unreasonable? Why can’t they have their own screwups? What the heck makes us so sure that our screwups will be better for them?

What’s the big deal anyway? Soon we’ll be gone and forgotten. They too.

Why the fuck do we want to shape the world a certain way? Our way? Why not theirs? Why are we so fucking entitled? Why do we assume that we know better / what we do is the right thing?

We want to teach others how to do it and the funny thing is we ourselves have no fucking idea. We’re only guessing. Most of the time. We’re fooling ourselves that we know how to do it. We fancy the thought that we know how to do it. That we’re so damn smart.

We so much want to be in our comfort zone that we want all people to be on the same page with us. And we always believe that we, not them, should be able to say on which page exactly. Pure entitlement.