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The silliest argument ever

[ 2 min read ]

What is the silliest argument two people (or more) can have?

It’s the one that concerns the future. When they’re acting like prophets.
Our predictions are not statements of what will definitely happen in the future. They can’t be. They are merely our guesses.

Our guesses can be accurate. But if they can be accurate it also means that they can be inaccurate.

None of us is able to rule out, with 100% certainty, a plausible scenario offered by our adversary.

Arguing about future events (especially if both sides are not talking about things like all human beings suddenly switching to walking on their hands instead of their legs) is pointless. It’s like telling someone that 2, 5, 8, 10, 11, 17, 22 can’t be the winning sequence of numbers in a lottery. If (as long as) the balls carrying these numbers can be picked by the machine, it can happen that it will be the winning sequence of numbers in the next lottery.

Why do we have such a big problem realizing that such argument is pointless and is the silliest argument ever?

Because we tend to treat that what is ours (also, or especially, our ideas, beliefs) with special adoration. So when we have an opinion / vision about what will happen in the future (and that’s what we believe will happen — taking into account our knowledge / expertise) we will tell people that this is exactly what will happen, and if they think otherwise they must be either dumb or unknowledgeable (lack the education, or the knowledge, or the brains that we obviously possess). We’re so goddamn smart.

We think we’re so smart but we fail to realize how silly it is to argue about the future events. We’re not prophets, so we can only guess.
How many real prophets do you (the reader of this piece) know? Someone who is 100% right / accurate in his or her predictions. I don’t know a single one. I assume that you don’t know a single one either, because if such person existed we all would know about him or her.