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How do you convince your parents to let you follow your dream career?

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Who said that your parents must be convinced?

Maybe they don’t need to be convinced? Maybe the idea that first you need to convince them is a mistake? Maybe it’s the greatest mistake young adults make?

I think it is their greatest mistake.

Your parents don’t have to understand your decisions. It’s enough if you understand them and if you trust yourself.

They don’t understand? Let them struggle with that. Let them come to you and plead. Let them process it.

Who said it’s something you absolutely should do something about? Or even care about. Don’t treat them like they’re five years old. They’re not. Who said it’s on you to make your parents’ wishes come true?

They’re disappointed? Aren’t we all from time to time (when we have certain expectations — when we’re entitled to certain outcomes)?

Making your life choices contingent on someone else’s understanding of them is always a mistake. I doubt it can ever lead to a good outcome.