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How not to worry about the future?

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Realize that there may be no future. Future is not guaranteed.

Even if you’re young and healthy, tomorrow you can be dead. Impossible? Not at all. Unthinkable? Yes.

Come tomorrow and you’re still alive? That doesn’t mean you’ll be alive the day after tomorrow. You can die anytime. To die is not that hard. You don’t know when it will happen.

Why worry about something which you don’t even know will happen. Your future may not happen.

Worry about old age? Who said you’ll live that long?

It is premature to worry about the future. It is always premature to worry about something which only can happen. Because it also can not happen.

Stop being entitled to dying at an old age (like most people are). Assume it all can be over soon. Assume death can surprise you.

If you assume that you can die soon (basically at any moment) you will feel more at ease.

Some people will argue that to do anything in life (go to college, start a career, get married, have children, etc.) you need to assume that you will have future (that you will not die tomorrow). That’s not true. Why should it be true? I assume that I can be dead tomorrow and yet I don’t feel that there is no point in doing anything in life, or, more broadly, in living. It can be done. You simply stop being entitled. You can do all of the above and still assume that tomorrow you (or anybody for that matter) can be dead. Why not assume tomorrow it will be over for you? Is it unreasonable? Who can give you a guarantee that you will not die?

Even if they (those who argue that to do anything in life you need to assume that you will not die tomorrow) assume that they will not die tomorrow, does it mean they suddenly have such guarantee? Of course not. Their belief that they will live until old age doesn’t guarantee it will actually happen.

What exactly is it they gain by assuming that they will not die tomorrow? Nothing. It’s just a belief which is linked to their (erroneous!) conviction that to do anything in life you need to assume that you will not die tomorrow. They only experience more anxiety. They always have something to worry about.