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My style. Part 2

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The other reason I don’t give a crap what people think of my writing (whether I am polite or not in my writing) is that it is a wishful thinking that I would be able to come up with the same ideas, create essentially the same content (only the form would be more polite).

Maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe writing wouldn’t be exciting to me if I had to force myself to write differently and as a result I would quit.

Maybe certain people wouldn’t like me to quit? Fuck them! Why should I cater to their needs? But, if they enjoy my writing and see value in it?

Why should the opinion of someone who had been raised differently (had been fed a bunch of ideas about an appropriate human behavior, ideas which not necessarily are superior — often they are myopic, address certain needs of adult people of certain provenance, and lead to imposing it on other, less powerful people), and who has certain expectations towards me (more polite, less cursing, etc.) be a deciding factor? Why the hell?

And there is a huge chance they are the same people who read Leo Tolstoy. The same Leo Tolstoy who once wrote that a woman (every woman) who never gave birth to a child is basically a whore. But, who would remember or care about such minutia? Leo Tolstoy is a great author. For the majority of people. And because of that new generations of people are supposed to revere his writing. Who would dare to say a bad word or point out that some of his ideas (to me many) were an utmost nonsense. But I have zero expectations as to what ideas Leo Tolstoy should have had and which of them he should or shouldn’t have published and what his style should or shouldn’t have been. I’m glad he wrote what he wrote (much of which I view as crap) because one thing led to another and he ended up having some great insights too. But the assumption that he would have ended up producing the same great body of work without calling a large portion of all women whores or claiming that women’s role and only purpose in life is raising children (in other words, that he could have done it better) is ridiculous! Maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe without certain “flaws” none of it would have been?