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My style. Part 2

My style

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Several people told me that my answers on Quora aren’t nice.
If only I changed the way I write them / was more polite, they said.

Some of them even called me names because of that. They said I’m an asshole.
They felt an urgent need to defend that poor soul who was wronged by me — the asshole without heart / compassion.

I don’t have any good news for these people. For the protectors, the guardians of style, and the self-proclaimed advocates of the wronged.

Just because it’s your wish (you want me to change the way I write), doesn’t mean everybody has the same wish. There are people who prefer the way I currently write and who would be disappointed if I changed anything in the way I write.

But that doesn’t mean I should cater to the needs of those who like my writing. Fuck them!

I will write the way I want and the fact is there will always be people who will think that it’s crap and others who will think that it’s perfect, and still others who will think nothing.