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On taking advice from people I wouldn’t take advice from

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If someone retired at a predetermined age, because that’s something people living in this country do, because that’s their right, I don’t want any career advice from that person.

If someone believes that I’m doing certain things wrong, simply because it is against some rule (not how it is supposed to be done / not how it’s always been done / not how it’s being done by the majority), I don’t want any advice from that person.

If someone has so much brass as to assume that he or she knows (or knows better than I do) what is best for me, I don’t want any life advice from that person.

Actually it’s not like that. If such people give me their advice I learn what people who mindlessly follow the flock do. And it’s a valuable piece of information. If they tell me “do this” or “do it that way” I know that very likely it’s what I actually shouldn’t do, or that I should try to do it differently. And if they tell me “don’t do it” or “don’t do it that way” I know it’s what I actually should try, or that I should try to do it that way.