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People overestimate experience

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Experience tells you only what was true in your own little world. You don’t know other realities.

You had certain beliefs.
You watched closely certain people (people from your own circle).
You always did certain things a certain way.
You approached problems a certain way.
You functioned in a certain sociopolitical reality of the world.
You approached work and built your career a certain way.

You didn’t have other beliefs.
You didn’t have the opportunity to watch closely other people (people outside your own circle).
You never did certain things differently.
You never approached problems differently.
You never functioned in a different sociopolitical reality of the world.
You never approached work and built your career differently.

And yet you value experience so much that you (as an adult or old person) feel compelled to tell people what life is all about.

You’re wrong! You assume that you, based on your own experience, somehow figured life out. That you mastered it. That all people who are younger will come to the same conclusions. That it’s inevitable.

Why it’s inevitable? Because you’ve been there, done that. Because you already have the know-how.

The truth however is that the way you did things in your life, the way you approached problems, the beliefs you had, the world which you saw, all of it was merely how YOU went through life. It isn’t the only way. It isn’t the right way. It’s how it’d been in your case. The assumption that other people should see truth in it is ludicrous. It’s your wishful thinking. You wish that all people (and especially people from your own clan) would eventually see things the way you saw them. You entitled piece of shit!