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The folly of believing retirement is the best time of life

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Retirement is regarded as the best time of life by those who’d been brainwashed into believing that work is this shitty part of your life and you can’t do anything about it (no matter what you do it will always be this shitty part of your life). For them work just sucks and that’s all.

Hence only retirement can set you free. Hence as long as you need to work (can’t retire yet, can’t remove this shitty part from your life) you can’t do what you want and you can’t enjoy your life.

It is the worst approach to life one can have. It makes your life miserable.

Retirement isn’t mandatory. Those who love what they do never want to retire. They can’t imagine themselves retiring, ever.

Those, on the other hand, who treat work as a sad necessity of life, can’t imagine themselves not retiring. They can’t wait. They believe retirement will set them free. At long last they will be able to enjoy life — something they were unable to do for so many years.