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What is the meaning of life?

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Who should decide this?

Who should reveal it to us?

A God / Goddess?

What if I don’t believe in God (or Goddess — why can’t it be a Goddess goddamnit?)? Can someone force me to believe in God / Goddess? Someone can try to intimidate me into believing in him or her, but if I can’t be intimidated into believing? If all methods of intimidation failed?

If I don’t believe in God (Lord, Lordess? Almighty, Creator, whatever we want to call him or her), the meaning of life can’t be imposed on me, can it?

In that case it’s on me to give it a meaning. Who can stop me?

If I can give life meaning I can also decide that life has no meaning. It’s on me to decide it.

If I believe that life has certain meaning, life will have this meaning. If I believe life has no meaning, life will be without meaning.

Who can tell me I’m wrong? Another human being?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Are you nuts?

Why would another human being know better than I what is the meaning of anything, life in particular? Why?, I ask. What is so special about this person who is trying to impose his or her understanding of life on me?