Do this one thing each day, and your life will change for the better, and it will stay that way
Regrets vs no regrets

Who decides what you need?

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You need to travel.
You need to exercise each day.
You need to spend time with your family.
You need to relax on weekends.
You need a woman.
You need a man.
You need to work less.
You need to work more.
You need to fuck more.
You need to fuck less.
You need a child/ you need another child/ you need at least three.
You need to go out with your friends on weekends.
You need a religion.
You need to believe in God.
You need to join our club.
You need to read.
You need to write.
You need to drink yoghurt.
You need to switch to organic food.
You need to sleep less.
You need to sleep more.
You need to sleep better.
You need an Instagram account.
You need to be on Facebook.
You need to be on LinkedIn.
You need a real job.
You need to shake more hands (network).
You need to meet this guy / gal.
You need a college degree.
You need to think about retirement.

Fuck that! It’s what they (those who give you this advice) need or needed — probably because they let other people instruct them. Now they’d like the stuff they preach validated by new disciples of this particular lifestyle / theory.

Why the hell do those “experts” assume that others need this shit too? Maybe other people don’t need it.

Decide what is most important for you. Never let others do it for you!

Letting others do it for you is the quickest and surest way to hate your life.