What is ridiculous about the idea that your life has been ruined?
Why this stupid dichotomy?

Can your life really be ruined?

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Of course your life has been ruined. You know it. You believe it. You feel it.

Your perception is that it has been ruined. How is it not ruined?

Like most of us, you too had your hopes, dreams and high expectations, didn’t you?

How can someone claim that your life has not been ruined? What does he or she know? Nothing!

Not only your life has been ruined. In addition to that, now you’re pissed because someone is trying to convince you that, as a matter of fact, your life has not been ruined.

What in the world is wrong with these people? My life has been ruined and now I learn that I’m ridiculous to believe that my life has been ruined. It isn’t as it was supposed to be. It was, for a while, before this shit happened. Now it no longer is. Now it’s ruined.

Of course, if something happens which destroys the perfect reality of the world (the one you dreamt up — something which was in line with your hopes, dreams and high expectations) we can definitely say that something has been ruined here.

What? What has been ruined? Life? Your life? Hardly.

The false, preferable image of life which existed in your head, because nobody taught you to expect shit (unpleasant and unwanted events) in your life and treat it as a normal part of your life. Nobody warned you. That’s what’s been ruined.

And they didn’t warn you because they’re mean and they meant to hurt you. They too believed shit is not a normal part of life. They too hadn’t been warned. They too were delusional about life. They too believed life can be ruined.

It can’t.