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How to figure out the job you’ll transition into in your 50s after doing only one thing?

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What kinds of jobs are available to you if you are considering a career change in your 50s, and you spent most of your life doing only one thing?

Any kind of job.

As long as you are not delusional and want to become a pro soccer player or ballet dancer starting in your 50s, then most things are still possible.

Someone in his / her 50s, who has spent much of his / her life doing one thing, automatically wants to find out what career can be linked to it. Or how can he / she make use of all those years of education, work and experience.

That’s often a wrong approach.

OK, if you want to switch careers and you know what you want to do next, and accidentally it will allow you to make use of all the education, work and experience, fine.

But, if you start from the question How can I make use of all those years of education, work and experience? then the outcome might not be satisfactory. You automatically dismiss many options that otherwise would be available to you. You focus only on this tiny area which can be linked to something you did previously (are still doing currently).

Why is it that most people start from this question (How can I make use of all those years of education, work and experience? )? Because they are past oriented and they want everything they did in the past to make sense, and they don’t want to feel that they’re wasting some of the investment they already made.

Fuck investment and do what you want to do! Don’t let your education, previous work and years of experience limit your choices. These things should serve us, not the other way around.

But such approach is fine when you are in your 20s or 30s, not when you are in your 50s, many would argue.


They will say so because that’s the mindset of the majority of people.


Because they think 50 is old. Too late. The retirement is near.

Fuck retirement and do what you want to do! But most importantly, fuck those silly clichés!

People repeat this bullshit because that’s what they’d been fed all their lives. They’d been programmed to believe that all people work until their late 60s and then retire. And that’s how most people think about their lives. They factor in retirement as a normal (natural) part of everybody’s life (like acquiring wrinkles), and they never consider the possibility that they might not retire. When, in their early 20s, they start their careers they already know, more or less, when they will retire. That’s sick!

Some human beings do not retire. Retirement is not like acquiring wrinkles — not everybody has to retire. Maybe you will find something awesome and will never want to retire? Who knows? It happens to human beings. And you are a human being.

But, you will stand a better chance (at finding something you will be passionate about) when you are not past oriented and when you don’t desperately want your path and all your past choices and decisions to make sense, and when you don’t try to protect your prior investment.