The key to coping after your life has just been ruined
Can your life really be ruined?

What is ridiculous about the idea that your life has been ruined?

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The assumption that otherwise it would be perfect.

That were it not for this one unfortunate choice, decision, move, behavior, or event you’d be now enjoying life. Only enjoying it!

How do you know such things? How can you be sure that everything would just click and you’d be happy as fuck?

Are there no other unfortunate events that, if they happened, could disturb your peace of mind or destroy your comfort zone? Is there no alternative shit?

Why are you so damn optimistic about the alternative reality of the world?

Why don’t you assume that worse things could have happened instead? Why do people assume that it could have been only better? Because what? Someone promised them something? Because a good, cozy, easy, painless life is some kind of a standard to which we all are entitled?

I don’t get it.

Or you know what, on a second thought, I get it. Wishful thinking (dreaming up perfect realities of the world) is what we people are best at.

And the world? Doesn’t give a fuck.