A time to think — do you really need money?
A time to think — how much time will the job take out of your day?

A time to think — here vs. elsewhere

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This question is very important so I ask it myself in my sessions (in my time to think). Just as thinking about bartering with people, instead of being paid with money (a certain amount at the end of each day, week, or month) this consideration also opens your eyes to the possibilities that you would otherwise overlook.

If you find it difficult to come up with ideas of what you could do to earn a living (satisfy your needs and the needs of those who legitimately rely on you for means to live), then pondering other places can help.

I don’t mean necessarily a different country, although that’s a common choice (especially when your country is poor, has been attacked, it’s not safe to be there, or is ruled by an asshole or assholes, people generally are in very difficult situation, and there is no promise of a better tomorrow).

It can also mean that you will move to a different place (not necessarily a city) within the same country. If your country is not a dangerous or miserable place right now, maybe that’s something worth considering? Especially if leaving your country scares the hell out of you, or if you’re worried that you will not be able to communicate (because you don’t know any other language apart from your native language).

Sure, it can mean that temporarily you will be separated from your family. But think about sailors, soldiers, actors, dancers, truck drivers, construction workers, singers, musicians, pilots, athletes, movie directors, members of a movie crew, members of any crew that goes on a tour, journalists, to name just a few. They all are often temporarily separated from their families. And everybody knows that it will be that way, everybody expects that to happen, so most people don’t see it as a problem — they don’t see anything bad or weird about it. That’s just the way it is. Or people who work two or three jobs — these people don’t see their families at all, practically speaking.

Problem occurs when you have been living in one place (always, or for a very long time) and when never before in your life were you separated from your family because of your work. That’s when you and those around you treat it as something odd. Like it’s not supposed to be that way. A terrible idea. As a result you could stay out of work for a long time, whereas moving to a different place or taking a job which would force you to temporarily separate from your family could end your unemployment or the time when you have no source of income.

Both moving to a different place and being temporarily separated from your family is a big change and big changes always mean unexpected, uncomfortable, and unintended situations, but so does staying out of work for a long time (for you and your family), so maybe that’s something worth considering.