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A time to think — the question of shadowpreneurship. Part 1

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A couple of days ago when I was analyzing all possible frameworks (ways) of selling anything to people I mentioned shadowpreneurship.
A shadowpreneur is someone who does everything what a person operating officially does when that person tries to sell to people (makes more or less, or exactly the same moves), but his or her activity is unofficial.

In other words, this activity doesn’t exist officially (there is no record of such activity), which is, of course, something your country does not approve of. Taxes are not paid and that’s something your country doesn’t like.

But is it really so? Is shadowpreneurship really something your country does not approve of? Or perhaps it approves of it under certain circumstances? Maybe your country accepts shadowpreneurship in certain forms, and persecutes and punishes other forms? I bet this double standard exists in your country (just as it exists in mine), and that’s something which pisses me off.

Bums. Don’t they make money? Don’t they organize themselves? Aren’t their actions directed at making an income? Don’t they make quite decent money they then spend on drinking, smoking, or doping (some or even most of them). Are they not at least able to make quite a decent income doing whatever they do each day? They collect things from the streets and from trash containers, which they then sell, or they beg for money and people give them donations, they do things for people for which those people pay (they pay more out of a pity, than real obligation — often these bums do things nobody even asked them to do so there was no deal, but still, money changes hands).

What makes a bum entitled to such privileges? Why will the same country persecute and punish me (a non-bum) for being a shadowpreneur and will not persecute and punish bums? Do I have to become a bum to gain special privileges in this country. Maybe that’s what I should do?

Being a bum means you don’t pay taxes, you don’t have to keep any records (and usually pay someone who will keep those records and financial books for you), you don’t have to worry that your records and financial operations will be scrutinized by a special authority and that you can be punished for any action (if there is some missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle in your papers), heck, you don’t have to worry about anything, any raid, because nobody is looking at your hands, you don’t make monthly (astronomical) social security payments (contributions to the national social insurance fund). As a bum you are exempt from paying anything and from any public scrutiny (at least until you don’t operate on a large scale and / or trade prohibited goods).

Any other person, on the other hand, wishing to make some money on their own — as a self-employed person (to make ends meet, not to buy yachts, mansions and private jets), needs to pay taxes, make monthly (astronomical) contributions to the national social insurance fund, keep records and financial books, worry that their records and financial operations will be scrutinized and that they can be punished any time. Everybody is always looking at their hands.
A fucked-up system, isn’t it?