A time to think — what to think about? Part 1
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A time to think — what to think about? Part 2

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The other things I think about in my sessions.

What are all possible legal (and illegal) frameworks of selling goods, services and knowledge to people? Notice that I didn’t write “all possible legal (and illegal) ways of making money”. I did it deliberately in order to exclude all ways of obtaining money through force, threats, trickery (cheating), begging for money, or trading prohibited goods (goods which are legally excluded from trade). Not my cup of tea, so to speak.

Having such knowledge in the beginning is very helpful because it opens your eyes to possibilities which you could otherwise easily overlook. Most people concentrate on two main forms (or just one) of selling goods, services and knowledge to people. They consider an employment contract and / or being an entrepreneur.

Here’s what I came up with (of course it’s country specific).

  • Having an apprenticeship contract.
  • Having an employment contract.
  • Being a solopreneur (entrepreneur who acts solo, also referred to as sole-proprietorship).
  • Being an entrepreneur and having some kind of an organized structure (a company, a partnership, a foundation, an association, a church, etc.).
  • Having a contract to provide services.
  • Having a contract to perform a specified task.
  • Being a shadowpreneur (someone who is de facto one of the following: an apprentice, an employee, an entrepreneur, a provider of services, a performer of a specified task, a seller, but who operates in the informal sector of the economy — does everything what these people do, but his or her activity is unofficial).