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A time to think — what to think about? Part 1

A time to think — where, how long, how often, how

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Having a time to think is one thing. Taking a full (proper) advantage of it is another.

I don’t claim that I have the ideal solution because I don’t. Each person is different and something which works for me will not necessarily work for someone else. So, as usual, it is best if we test what is best for us and then decide.

I like to do it at home, or, if I’m not at home, in a hotel or a lodging, or wherever it is I’m staying temporarily.

How long
I prefer sessions which last at least 15 minutes. Sessions which are shorter can work too, but usually it takes me a while until I’m properly relaxed and ready to devote my full attention to this task.

How often
I try to do it at least several times per week. I don’t think I have to do it daily. I don’t think I have to do it once a day and that’s it. Maybe if the circumstances are favorable I will be able to do it more than once on a given day. Why not? Why not try? If I believe I absolutely have to do it daily then I’ll be stressed out. I will beat myself up for not sticking to it daily instead of doing it (in this time in which I beat myself up). Steadfast sticking to a certain schedule, like it’s sacred and you’ve sinned if you failed even once, is not the point. It’s a bad idea. What matters way more to me is the awareness that it’s very important to me and that whenever there are no unforeseen obstacles I simply do it.

I need uninterrupted time. My phone has to be switched off or at least switched to plane mode. I need quietness which means there can’t be people running around the place or talking, or at the front door ringing, etc. I need to be cut off from the outside noise. Which means that certain hours will be better than others. I need a place where I can sit or lay down. I like to play classical music which uninterrupted by ads (usually only pieces for solo piano). That’s the ideal scenario. If someone or something occasionally ruins this, that’s fine (it’s how life is, right?). I aim at having most sessions the way I want, not all of them — if that’s my goal the chances that I will be disappointed are significantly smaller. So I won’t be pissed. And if it happens often that something or someone ruins this moment it means that I should introduce modifications.