Breaking the most common thinking pattern
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The importance of having a time to think

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If you don’t have the time to think, reassess your situation and ponder your options, you will not do it. That’s kinda obvious.

So the first thing you need, in order to reassess your situation and ponder your options, is time. And that’s in itself a big challenge because time is usually scarce.

Having said that, I do believe that everybody can make this time.

How do you make time?

You eliminate something which consumes your time.
Watching TV, listening to podcasts, spending time on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any social media platform which you use on a daily basis, browsing on the Internet, taking every phone call and talking over the phone with anybody who called you, calling people to talk (about how unfair and fucked-up life is, how miserable or unlucky you are, and how nobody supports you).

You spend less time on certain things.
Everything I listed above (if you can’t / don’t want to eliminate it), but also eating (but I don’t advocate eating like you’re FLASH or something), bathing, cleaning, spending time with your family (doesn’t mean you’re a bad person — what if you both will make some time to think that way? — they can benefit from it too), waiting in long lines (I mean, do you absolutely need to waste your time on that, can’t you get it someplace else, or get an equivalent where there are no lines?).

You make use of the so called “unproductive time”.
Walking your dog, waiting for a bus or train, commuting, waiting for a meeting, waiting for a haircut, or an appointment at your dental clinic, waiting for your car to be checked or repaired. True, sometimes, or even oftentimes we use this time to get other things done, but sometimes we simply squander it.