If you expect the world to be a fair place you’re screwed
When to reassess your situation and ponder your options?

The importance of reassessing your efforts, and the fallacy of betting on stability

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Eight months ago, in June 2018, I started this series called Lucasso is looking for a paid work. I wanted to document my journey, or, I should say, my thought process while trying to find a new source of income and navigate the hardships that went with it.

I thought that such exercise will help me. And I guess it did. I wrote ten posts in that series and stopped. The last post was dated July 1. Within that month I figured out a way to make some money on top of my efforts to sell all our material possessions which we didn’t need (through a dedicated online platform) and cut costs.

As a start it wasn’t bad. It was promising, I would say. But everything which is promising, can fail to deliver on the promise. Everything we count on, can leave us, often empty-handed. Just as my previous sources of income when I still had some kind of stability. Or I thought that it was stability, when in fact it wasn’t.

What is stable? Is a regular 9–5 job stable? Don’t small businesses or large companies which provide you with this kind of job (so called “normal job” or “real job”) vanish from the face of the earth? Don’t they go through difficult times? Any business and any company which exists today can vanish tomorrow. Nothing is imperishable. Don’t managements change and fire people in order to replace them with new ones?

Nothing is as secure and stable as we think it is. We like to think that it is secure and stable, but we misinterpret the situation. We see it the way we want to see it. We see it through a filter called our expectations. And our expectations, and our assumptions which lead to these expectations, are based on a certain view, certain perception, which is based on our upbringing, beliefs and a habitual way of thinking, and also our fears and insecurities.

We believe a certain situation is stable because we’ve been taught to believe that it is so. And it can turn out that we will not have that much luck and it will not be stable at all. So even something which should be stable (which we perceive as stable — and most people perceive it this way, because it is habitually and universally perceived as stable) can fail to offer us this stability.

The explanation for this is simple. It is an assumed stability, not real stability. The situation is not 100% fail-safe, which means it is anything but stable. It doesn’t deserve to be called ‘stable’. But we habitually call it stable, so we also habitually think of it as stable. And anything is stable until it isn’t. Especially a job or a source of income.

Anyway, I feel I need to reassess my situation and that’s why I reopen this series.