The importance of reassessing your efforts, and the fallacy of betting on stability
Breaking the most common thinking pattern

When to reassess your situation and ponder your options?

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I think it pays to reassess your situation and ponder your options even if you are still making money. As a matter of fact that’s the best time to do it. When you can rely on your sources of income no more it’s already too late — it means you’re running a serious risk of having no money in the nearest future.

Of course, one could ask Why ponder new sources of income when you still have your existing source (sources) of income?, but as I said yesterday, we usually forget that anything is stable until it isn’t.

It’s like pondering your life (your existence). As long as shit is “normal”, as long as people have their “normal” lives (daily routine hasn’t been disturbed by anything significant, like a serious illness, or a sudden death of someone important, or some other tragedy) most people will not ponder their existence. What is interesting, even if they had such experience, most will ponder their existence only for a very short while, and soon they’ll be back on track, which means that they will do the things most people in their circle do, have the same life philosophy most people in their circle have, care about the things most people in their circle care about, have the same worries most people in their circle have.

Inertia is a very powerful thing. It’s like we can hold on to that branch in the rapid current of a big river only for a short while and then we’ll be taken by that current. Happens a lot. Probably because most people we hang out with have a fixed idea of what life should be about, or what it should be like, and they manage to convince us that we should keep doing the same shit we’ve been doing (and which they’re doing). Nobody really offers us any new ideas. It’s all the same shit. It’s pure inertia.

So we don’t think much. Or, when we do, people worry about us. They worry there might be something wrong with us. We might come up with some new ideas for life (ours, but since they know us, also theirs) and that’s risky and definitely uncomfortable.

Anyway, I’m glad I realized how important it is to reassess my situation and ponder my options while I still have my sources of income (albeit meager nowadays). I’m glad it’s happening. I’m glad I reopened this series. When you’re struggling (like myself) it’s super important to remember to do it frequently, so that you don’t end up with nothing suddenly.