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How to deal with parents who want you to have a certain career and you want something else

5 steps which will help you discover your passion

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Step 1.

When other people tell you what you should do with / in your life, ignore it. The assumption that they (someone else than you) know better is ridiculous.

Step 2.

Trust yourself and your ability to make good choices. You want only the best for yourself. Show me a person who doesn’t. We need to remember that especially when other people (usually family members) tell us “Please understand, we / they want only the best for you”. It’s such a cliché. Please understand, you also want only the best for you. You don’t want to screw up on purpose. Of course, some choices will be unfortunate — that’s because we’re not prophets. It’s still OK. Making an unfortunate choice / decision is never a good reason to stop trusting yourself, and conclude that you’d better start listening to someone else.

Step 3.

Pick something you would do even if nobody would pay you to do it. You don’t have to know what you will do in life, or what you will do when you grow up, or what you will do for the rest of your life before you pick it. How the hell should you know such thing? How can you know what you will prefer 10, 20, or 30 years from now? You’re not a prophet.

Step 4.

When you feel like switching to something else (trying something out) know that the only person who can really stop you is you. Your mindset, your beliefs — the crap that sits in your head. You don’t have to stick to something you picked in your youth and studied. The investment you made is never worth it.

Step 5.

Ask yourself Why is it that the majority of people want to make someone else happy, not themselves, with their career choices? Is it a good life choice — to make someone else happy, even if the price you’ll pay for it will be your unhappiness?And also How will my unhappiness affect the people I care about (those I want to make happy by doing something they want, or by trying to satisfy their needs)? Will the outcome be worth it?