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Failing and then trying again without resignation doesn’t lead to success. It is a success.

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But only if what you do is your choice. Only if you don’t listen to people, don’t ask them what you should or shouldn’t do in life. Only if you chase after your dreams no matter how hard it is. Only if you believe in yourself. Only if you treat your life as a work of art.

Not if we’re talking about conventional success (money, material possessions, fame, fancy titles, recognition, awards, having something to brag about on Facebook or Instagram, providing your family, or your community, or your country, with a reason to be proud of you / to brag, because they have something to do with you and by associating themselves with you they can feel better in some way).

If we are talking about conventional success (the way most people understand it) failing and then trying again without resignation is actually never a success in and of itself. You need a certain outcome to be able to call it a success. It’s because conventional success is never about trying and not giving up.

Conventional success is always about showing others that you arrived, or that you’re doing things which leave little doubt that you’ll arrive (the so called right things — things which lead to conventional success).

And to me it sucks, the conventional understanding of success. But you’d better accept that it is the most widespread understanding of success, because expecting and hoping that, out of a sudden, all people will understand it differently (the way you want to understand it) sucks too. It means that you want everybody to be like you, have the same life philosophy you have. Most people have such expectation (that other people will be like them) and that’s why there are so many conflicts in this world. But again, that’s how most human beings operate (it’s something about our brains, I guess), so I doubt we can expect it to change — I guess it’s part of the reality, like the fact that newborns and little children cry instead of talking, or that people get sick for example. It would be nice if it wasn’t so, but what can you do?