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How to deal with parents who want you to have a certain career and you want something else

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You tell them that you don’t want any money or help from them (now or after their death) and you pick the thing that you want. They’ve just lost their major argument (source of power) — their financial involvement. As long as they invest money, or think that you count on their money and assets (now or after their death) they have leverage.

In other words, if you take any money from them, it’s way harder. If you take any money from any people usually they start to feel that they should be the ones dictating you what you should do, or at least that you should consult with them before you decide anything, which in most cases equals dictating you what you should or shouldn’t do, as parents feel that they can veto your decisions (because they pay for it).

It’s very hard to negotiate with someone who has such leverage. Especially if you consider that the mindset of most parents in this world is that without them their children (those young adults) will be lost and make terrible mistakes which will ruin their entire lives. That’s why they need parents, who, like Batman, will save them from the great disaster. That’s still the most common mindset of parents.

Tell them that you want nothing from them (and that they will not have to support you if your idea fails; that you will be able to handle that — because you will), and they will have a very hard time persuading you that you should even consider their preferences.