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On regretting your career choice

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Regretting your career choice is like telling yourself “I screwed up in my youth by picking the wrong career. It was a mistake.” and believing that right now there is nothing you can do about it and accepting the fact that the rest of your professional life (and life in general) will suck (because what can you do? nothing; it’s too late, too risky, not reasonable to change this choice right now; what would people say?; plus, should you start from square one? at this age?).

It’s like telling yourself that this was the only chance in your life to pick the right career and you screwed up.

This is nonsense!

Why did you pick this career in your youth? Because you wanted to make your life miserable on purpose? Because you wanted it to suck?

People should stop beating themselves up for their past choices because it makes zero sense to do it. They wanted the best for themselves. They wanted the best but it turned out that the choice wasn’t fortunate. It happens. Shit happens. We’re not prophets and that’s why not all our decisions are fortunate or take us to a place where we will feel good. But if that’s the case, we can make a new decision. We can pick a different career. It’s doable.

Regretting your past choices means that you have this mindset that everything would have been (would be) beautiful in your life if only … (you had picked Y instead of X). That’s stupid. Why? Because everything could also have been even worse, or not exist (in this alternative scenario you could have died 10 years ago). Why not?