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Screw the so called “practical career choice”!

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Everybody automatically assumes that career choices need to be “practical”. Not all of them know exactly what it means (or if it can mean something else, different things to different people), but they know that they need to pick “something practical”.

Why? Everybody knows it. This is so called common sense. Everybody heard that form certain adults in their lives. Or almost everybody, but the minority is probably wrong and will do it all the wrong way — we call them “the weirdos”. People who aren’t weirdos know what they need to do. They need to pick “something practical”.

Thus those who want do it “the right way” need to forget about certain career choices. They need to forget about all career choices which aren’t viewed as “practical” by the majority.

The majority knows which career choices are and which aren’t “practical”. Nobody from the majority who can be shown as a role model has the “impractical” career — they all picked “something practical” (because they listened to all those adults), but it certainly doesn’t matter that they don’t have “impractical” careers. They know that the choices which they view as “impractical” (because everybody else from the majority views them as such) are actually inferior (worse than the “practical” ones). That’s enough.

They know it just as they know other things which were planted in their heads through the constant reiteration of certain clichés. You don’t need to test anything. The assumption that something is “impractical” and thus worse than something else is enough. It’s enough for everybody from the majority.

Only a weirdo would test this assumption. Only a weirdo would question the belief of the majority. People who aren’t weirdos don’t do such things. They believe what the majority believes and they accept the view of the majority.