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Successful DIY MacBook Air repair. YouTube helped me again. Problem solved. | 727

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Diary of an artist, Thursday, April 11, 2019

#727 (countdown)


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Woke up 5:30 am (late AF — was very tired)

The day before yesterday the touchpad in my laptop stopped working (entirely). For the last two months or so it worked but it was very difficult to use the part for clicking (the clicking zone). It didn’t work properly — I had to apply a lot of force to it to be able to click.

Turns out my laptop is entirely useless without touchpad (or there are ways to work on it without touchpad, but I’m not tech savvy enough to be able to do it). One option I could try, I figured it out of late, would be if used a mouse as a temporary replacement for touchpad. Don’t know if this would work with my MacBook Air but I could have tested it.

As soon as the problem occurred I thought that I would try to find a solution to it on the Internet (on YouTube — that’s the first place I turn to if I have any technical problems nowadays — usually there are people who encountered similar problems in the past and made a video for those who will encounter it in the future).

I found a video in which some guy offered an advice on how to repair the touchpad (so that you don’t have to replace it which will cost you way more). Of course, in this video he’s walking you through it so it’s pretty easy to do it yourself provided that you have the necessary tools (especially very small screwdrivers — precision screwdrivers).

The first screws are on the outer case of the device so I figured out, after doing some research, which screwdriver will let me open the outer case and look inside my laptop. I ordered that screwdriver online. When it arrived, I collected it from the place to which they had sent it and set out to open the thing. I opened it, cleaned the part of the case which I removed from the device, and found out … that I’ll need a different precision screwdriver to remove the battery. I figured out, after doing some research, which screwdriver will let me remove the battery and look underneath it. I found out that precision screwdriver sets are not much pricier than a single precision screwdriver so I ordered online a precision screwdriver set which, I thought, would be the best for me. It arrived, I collected it from the place to which they had sent it and set out to have a second go on the repair.

As soon as I removed the battery I found out that a third precision screwdriver is needed — this time to release the touchpad (so that I’ll be able to at least have a chance to do all the things the guy on that video did with the touchpad). For a moment I thought that my precision screwdriver set doesn’t have the last (I hoped) precision screwdriver I needed. I tried one but it wasn’t the one (although I managed to unscrew two or three micro screws, out of total twelve), and stopped as I worried that the screwdriver might damage the rest of the screws which wouldn’t even budge. I started to search the Internet again in a quest for the last (still only my hope) precision screwdriver. As I was viewing the images of symbols which indicate which precision screwdriver goes with which screw I had this thought that I might actually have the last screwdriver in my set. I took a look at the screwdrivers in my set, took the one which was most promising, tried it and … with a vast feeling of relief found out that it was the screwdriver I needed.

I released the touchpad tried the trick the guy in the video suggested, put it all together again, screwing couple dozen micro screws for which, obviously, I needed three different screwdrivers, and made a test. Nothing. It didn’t help. The guy in the video had a slightly different touchpad, but the part on which he performed the trick was in my touchpad as well. But the trick didn’t work with my touchpad.

The next day, yesterday, I found a new touchpad on the internet (I’m not sure if it was the same part which was originally in my laptop — could be from a different manufacturer), called the company which sells it and ordered one, and dashed off in order to manage to collect it before the end of the working hours.

In the evening I set out to replace the touchpad, although I didn’t know yet if I’ll be able to perform all actions needed for that purpose. But I still had YouTube and could search it. That’s exactly what I did — I typed in “How to replace touchpad in MacBook Air” found the appropriate video (with the model I have) and watched it (on my phone, obviously). Then I started the, by now all-to-well known to me, procedure of getting inside my laptop, which meant unscrewing again a couple dozen micro screws. I released the broken touchpad, removed it, cleaned the area underneath it, and finally installed the new one and put it all together, screwing couple dozen micro screws again, for which, obviously, I needed three different screwdrivers, and … hesitated to make a test. What if it won’t work? What if I made some mistake? What if a person who knows how to do it should have done it, not I who had never done that before? I would have spent maybe $100 more (that’s what it might cost according to the information I found on the Internet), but at least I would know that it’s done properly.

A moment later I made the test. It’s working! I shouted with enormous pride.

Precision screwdrivers + shipping: $10
New touchpad: $50
Car fuel: $5
Diagnostic and replacement: $0

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Music for this writing session: Jazz Classics (playlist on spotify)