How to deal with parents who want you to have a certain career and you want something else
Screw the so called “practical career choice”!

Three steps to start living your life the way you want

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The most important step is to start leaving the life you are living right now behind. It’s obvious that anybody who wants to start living his or her life the way he or she wants is not doing it already — such person is living his or her life the way others want.
If you can’t leave the comfort zone (what your current life is — all habits, mindset, limitations, debilitating beliefs, your entire life philosophy) then you will not be able to start living your life differently.

The second most important thing is to trust yourself and your decisions (life choices). So you need to start trusting yourself and stop thinking that other people know better what you should be doing. They don’t and never will. But often we believe that they do know that — that, because they achieved more or are viewed as more successful, or are simply older than us, they have the right answers and we don’t. That’s bullshit.

The third step is to start ignoring outside pressures and rules. There are many outside pressures and rules in any society. People usually believe that what the majority is doing is the right thing to do and that those who are not doing it are weirdos (not “normal”). Those who always mimic the majority live their lives according to some general bullshit rule. They do what is expected of them — people belonging to a certain culture. If they can’t ignore those rules they can’t escape the imposed order. And the pressure to be like the majority is always enormous so you need a lot of stamina to withstand it.