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Why asking people what is and what isn’t wise, the right thing to do, selfish, or pointless, is pointless.

What is love?

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Is not telling your mother you’re gay love?
Because your father told you that it would kill her?
Should you listen to him (take what he said at face value — not test his assumptions)?
Or should you do the opposite (not take what he said at face value — test his assumptions)?
If you did the latter, and your mother couldn’t stand it and took her life, was it your fault?
Did you kill your mother?
Was it because you didn’t have love for her?
What about you?
Let’s say you listened to your father and didn’t tell your mother, and you couldn’t stand it and you took your life. Was it his fault? Did your father kill you?
Was it because he didn’t have love for you? Maybe he could have tried harder, than merely tell you that the message will kill your mother? Could he have factored in that not being able to tell your mother (being open with your mother) could kill you?
What is the right thing to do? And what is love?

I had those thoughts after watching recently the movie “1985” — one of the best movies I have ever seen.