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Society doesn’t even piss me off anymore

A brainwashed bunch

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Is the society a brainwashed bunch? Of course it is. Will I be able to change it? Of course I won’t.

We use the word ‘brainwash’ (I use it a lot too) but what actually happens is we all have and push some kind of life philosophy (willy-nilly) and the only difference is whom do we get it from? Do we get it mainly from our parents, or our peers, or our colleagues, or our neighbors, or from certain books, media, sermons, politicians, gurus, various leaders (religious or not), social media influencers, etc., or (!) do we try to develop it on our own accord (but even if we do try to develop it on our own accord we are influenced by other people’s shit, and I don’t think we can escape it).

So I’d say we are all brainwashed in a way. We cannot not be. We either let other brainwash us (entirely or for the most part), or we brainwash ourselves. So the difference between those who follow the flock and those who don’t comes down to the decision, or lack thereof, to brainwash yourself (refuse to be brainwashed by others, refuse to take most things at face value without questioning them). Even if we refused to take most things from other people we’re still in the process of brainwashing (but now we’re the ones who brainwash ourselves using our own ideas / theories for that purpose, or using something other people came up with — authors, writers, thinkers, philosophers, etc., or taking something someone else came up with and modifying it).