The “defining time” nonsense has been around a long time. And it still gets passed down.

Passion is high risk. But it’s a guarantee too.

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I probably work more than anybody I know. Or as much as the most hardworking people I know.
Meanwhile I’m struggling financially, and haven’t seen a major breakthrough yet (and who knows if I ever will?).

But wait a second! We’ve heard that already from other people, haven’t we?

Passion is high risk. You might die before others will notice you, or before you’ll have some other breakthrough. Which means you may die struggling, or a so called “starving artist”, having experienced no conventional success whatsoever.

But it’s also a guarantee. That nothing in the whole world compares to it. That it is fucking great.

It is fucking great to go to bed each day and look forward to the next day. And to have this feeling that you can’t wait until you’ll wake up again and be able to do your thing again.